Frequently Asked Questions


What are the minimum requirements to use the Innovator voting software?

To find out the minimum system requirements, click here.

Does Innovator work on Windows Vista (32-bit version)?

Innovator software and voting keypads have been tested and work fine on Windows Vista.

Important: Some computer manufacturers are beginning to offer 64-bit Vista on notebook computers. Innovator will not work on these computers. When the drivers have been updated to support this, a new version will be made available.

I'm using Vista and can't find my database or Configurations (INI) file. Where are they?

On standard installations of Windows Vista, a security feature is enabled that prohibits programs from writing to the main Program Files folders (where Innovator is installed). This Virtualization feature causes Vista to create "virtual" folders with copies of certain files. In this case, the original database will exist in the Program Files folder, but records are never saved here. Rather they will go to the copy in the Virtualization folder.

You can find the Virtualization folder here:

C:\Users\Your User Name Here\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\The Innovator Company\Innovator 6.2\

WARNING: It is not certain what implications this has for multiple users/logins on a single computer. You may not be able to see each other's sessions. Virtualization has many benefits and if yours is enabled it is not necessarily recommended that you disable it. Practice, test, and retest to ensure that your system is functioning as expected.

Not all installations of Vista use this feature. Check your Program Files folder first if you are trying to locate the database or configurations file.

Does the Innovator software work on a Mac?

Since the Innovator software is written for Microsoft Windows, it is not immediately ready to run on a Mac, but several users are currently successfully running Innovator using Windows emulation software, like Parallels or SoftWindows.

It is important that you test fully the software and voting equipment to make sure it is working in your environment.

Tip: You need to configure the Windows side to grant access to the USB ports so Innovator can communicate with the voting system. Consult your emulation software for more information.

My brand-new laptop does not have a serial port, what do I do?

This is not an issue with the CLiKAPAD keypads and only affects users of older voting keypads. There exist on the market many USB Serial Adapters that easily connect to your computer providing the 9-pin serial communications port that the Fleetwood voting transceiver requires. To learn how to configure the serial adapter, click here.