Consulting and Facilitation

Hiring an Innovator consultant can be beneficial in almost any group situation where decisions must be made to ensure the success of your organization. If you have a specific intervention where Innovator would provide value, or you require facilitation assistance, contact The Innovator Company for more information.

The Innovator

Innovator is a complete set of processes and tools designed to help consultants, both internal and external, lead groups to develop strategies for success and solve a myriad of business issues. Innovator facilitators use wireless voting keypads to help their audiences quickly and anonymously prioritize issues and ideas. You will help your groups create visions of success and to make decisions and plans that move the organization forward towards that vision.

When you purchase Innovator, you get access to the methods and protocols, facilitation techniques, and voting tools (software and keypads). You will be trained to design and lead strategic sessions using the Innovator method. You will learn how to effectively use the facilitation techniques and voting keypads to move the conversation forward and help your audiences create strategies for future success.

Software - Version 6.2 is Available


Innovator 6 provides support for the following voting types:

  • Single Item Polling - Quick Polls, Scaled Votes, and Multiple Choice

  • Item Ratings - apply a scale to a list of items

  • Paired Comparisons - compare each item in a list against all other items to obtain a rigorous, relative ranking of all items.

  • Opportunity Map - two dimensional vote on a list of items

  • Decision Matrix - evaluate list of alternatives against a set of criteria

  • Sheet Laundering - New in version 6.2. This vote type automates the Innovator facilitation "sheet laundering" technique and is used to quickly process large lists of brainstormed items.

Learn about System Requirements for Innovator Version 6

Innovator uses credit card sized keypads from CLIKAPAD. Contact us for more information


Several application guides exist for Innovator. These guides provide a complete, ready-to-use, methodology for conducting specific interventions using Innovator. The guides are also an excellent tool for helping you to develop your own sessions and demonstrate 'best practices'.

Strategic Focusing Workshop The traditional strategic Innovator session. Strategic Focusing Workshop, takes you through all facets of this useful process. Strategic Focusing is about helping organizations develop a shared vision of success and identifying the key steps required to achieve it. CLICK HERE to learn more about Strategic Focusing.
Business Scenario Futuring The concept of scenario planning, originally popularized at Royal Dutch Shell in the 1970s, allows organizations to envision success in various possible futures. BSF is an way to apply this concept to your organization using Innovator.
Challenging Team Performance Teams have life cycles, are subject to the reality of the growth curve, and like organizations, benefit from having a shared vision of success. Challenging Team Performance will help you to work with teams, whether they are newly formed or already active.
Sales Discovery Workshop Advanced salespeople have found that using Innovator during a sales call provides great value, not only to you by learning your customer's needs, but also as a way to provide value back to the client just by going through the process. Sales Discovery Workshop with Innovator can be an excellent differentiator for your sales force.
Planning in Times of Economic Change - New Innovator Consultants can go into an organization and help them reconnect with those attributes that created their success in the past, to understand the key drivers of change, and to develop the plans and strategies necessary for navigating the current economic climate. Using the protocol for Planning in Times of Economic Change, an Innovator Consultant can help the organization harness their best thinking - to examine their industry, their clients, and uncover the paths to success.
HR Positioning for the Future - New With HR Positioning for the Future, an Innovator Consultant can help organizations think strategically about their most important asset - human capital. Especially in the current economic climate, ensuring that you are developing your employees in a way that aligns with the goals and strategies of the organization is critical. This protocol can help organizations take a future-focused approach to human resource development and put the plans in place to drive success.


Facilitation / Consulting with Innovator

This is the most complete Innovator training available and is required for you to be certified to deliver Innovator sessions. No specific consulting or facilitation training are prerequisite, but general group presentation skill is a must. During the training, you will learn the Innovator consulting process: the pre-session work that is required, how to design and conduct a session, and post-session reporting and follow-up. Participants will have the opportunity to practice conducting different

Technical Facilitation

For organizations who will have specific individuals dedicated to managing the Innovator voting software and keypads, intensive technical training is available. Competence in using Windows and Microsoft Office (or comparable) tools is required for successful learning.


Application training can be specific to one or more of the Innovator Application guides listed above, or be customized to focus on your specific Innovator needs.

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