Is the decision-making process in your organization a constant tug-of-war between the individuals and groups affected? Do you find that your best, and newest, efforts tend to yield the same old results? Are you looking for a greater edge to your company's success?

Innovator is a process for conducting a strategic group dialog that uses voting software and wireless keypads to focus the discussion by anonymously prioritizing the issues and ideas presented.

In May, 2003, Wilson Learning Worldwide transferred to The Innovator Company the rights to develop and distribute all Innovator products worldwide. Within a year, Version 6 of the Innovator voting software was officially released. This is an exciting time for Innovator and many new things continue to be developed, including new applications and feature enhancements to the software.

Michael Catello, President of The Innovator Company, has been involved with Innovator since 1995. He has trained groups and individuals to use Innovator, facilitated numerous strategic sessions, and provided coaching to users of Innovator.

To contact Michael, or to obtain additional information about Innovator, you may email:
michael@theinnovatorcompany.com or telephone him at +1/407.620.9447.