Innovator Version 6

Minimum Recommended Requirements

In order for Innovator 6 to run effectively, The Innovator Company is providing the following minimum recommended requirements for your computer. While Innovator will run on lesser configured systems, we make these recommendations in order to optimize the experience and take the full benefits of a program running in Windows. If your PC does not meet or exceed these requirements, please contact the Innovator Company for more information.

  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista (not Vista-64)
  • 400 mhz Pentium III processor, 1 GHz or higher recommended
  • 256mb RAM or higher
  • 100mb free hard drive space
  • Super VGA (1024x768) or higher display resolution, high- or true-color
  • USB Port
  • Internet connection to download software and register product
  • LCD projector or other display device - must support resolution of 1024x768

In addition, the following software products may enhance your Innovator experience:

  • Microsoft Word or other document program for the creation of custom reports
  • A graphics / illustration / drawing tool for the manipulation of charts and images
  • Adobe Acrobat for the creation of digital documents