Who Uses Innovator?

There are two main audiences for using Innovator: consultants, and organizations.

For Organizations

The Innovator is designed to help organizations in several ways:

Innovator as Meeting Manager

Use Innovator tools and techniques to improve the effectiveness of your internal meetings. Design agendas that keep you on purpose and on time. Innovator lets you quickly and anonymously test for alignment and consensus on the discussion topics, and prioritize what is important to the group.

Innovator as Planner

Use the Innovator to develop future-focused plans for your teams; determine projects to fund; improve the decision making process.

Innovator as Researcher

Conduct focus groups with your clients, business partners, extended enterprise, and others. Learn what is important and develop strategies that will be supported in the marketplace.


For Consultants

Innovator brings to consultants all the tools necessary to work with clients. From the functional team level in small companies, to the C– level executives in large international organizations, Innovator helps you provide value.

Innovator is designed to augment your existing consulting skills. Or if you are new to consulting, give you the foundation for providing consulting services to your clients.

Innovator is about process consulting as opposed to advocacy consulting. You leverage the skills, knowledges and abilities of the group you are leading, providing the framework in which success can be defined. This gives you the flexibility to easily expand your practice outside of your primary knowledge areas and industry segments.

For information about where Innovator is used, click here.

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